Somatus' Origin Story

One day, hopefully not too far from today, no one will need dialysis ever again. Chronic kidney disease will largely be prevented through early intervention and patients will rarely progress to end stage renal disease requiring dialysis. Those who do develop permanent renal failure will quickly be transplanted with an available kidney, fitted with an artificial wearable kidney, or provided with some other form of permanent renal replacement.

Until that day, patients with chronic kidney disease will benefit from aggressive multidisciplinary care designed to reduce progression and improve quality and length of life. When a patient is identified as at risk for chronic kidney disease, the appropriate health system response should be to mobilize specialized resources that empower patients to achieve their best health. At Somatus, we believe in surrounding patients with a team of skilled caregivers who choose to measure their success by the success of our patients.

Somatus launches today as possibly the world’s first fully dedicated population health kidney provider. In our model of care, patients are empowered to improve their health, providers are given tools to best assist patients in any care setting, and we all succeed as we improve the health and well-being of patients. Thank you for reading our blog, and for taking this journey with us.

So—MA’—tus is derived from the Latin word “Somata”, the plural form of “Soma”, which are the cells of the body—free of germ cells. We take Somatus to mean “our healthy bodies”.